Tim, white nineteen-year-old bisexual from Melbourne.

"You, Mister Guy. Whiskey, jazz. Now."


dog bless the person who wrote these tags on a post that’s been live for literally like three days

would anyone like a free (plus shipping) copy of Panda Bear’s ‘Person Pitch’ on vinyl?

I now have two copies and am giving away my first copy the only catch is it might smell a little bit like cat vomit because my cat puked right on the edge of the sleeve but the discs are fine apart from having no inner sleeves anymore

the innersleeves got a bit soiled so it was easier to just toss them rather than try tearing them up while cleaning

obviously it’s first come first served so please send me an ask if you want it and I’ll organise shipping and give you a quote

They’re not lost. Not yet.

1.04 - “the deer hunters”

(paris, i know you are trying to be intimidating, but you basically just pledged your troth to your lady fair by leaning intimately against her and murmuring a shakespeare sonnet into her ear. a shakespeare sonnet that people like to read at weddings. then you told her she was going down. down where, exactly? like, come on, girl. that’s some wooing business right there. i am on to you.)

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i hate this belief on tumblr and in american films and tv shows that like your job defines you and you have to be utterly passionate about your job and your job is what you have to love. which is bullshit? if everyone could do what we wanted there’d be four-hundred thousand new novels coming out every week and nine million travel journalists per newspaper and three garbage collectors for the entire country. sure, it’d be great if we could all do what we wanted, but my job doesn’t define me. I may work in fast food right now, which is no one’s dream job but i get a fair wage and a chance to hang out with some cool people. i can spend my other time studying one of my other passions and i can use what’s left of my paycheck after expenses on my hobbies and chilling with friends and on tumblr and on books and films and things. it’s this overly american, western and naive belief that you have to be completely passionate about your job and subsequently define yourself by your current career.


Los Angeles, 2019

Blade Runner (1982) dir. Ridley Scott


inside out by spoon might be a perfect song


shit shit shit day and it’s not even nine and I have work and I didn’t sleep last night


cat fucking vomited on my copy of person pitch on vinyl I am seething right now

y u gotta b so rood

absolutely not you ily we need to actually legit hang out more


where the FUCK is everyone


So I recorded a song that’s very much in the vein of Panda Bear and I’d appreciate you all go give it a listen because a lot of work went into it although I probably could’ve recorded the vocals a few more times but ehh I live in a house with other people screw that.